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ESG Report | Pure Storage

Pure envisions a future in which all of our stakeholders can thrive in a sustainable environment.

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A Letter From Our CEO Here are a few facts from the I am delighted to publish our inaugural ESG report. Those who have worked at or with Pure report that bring clarity Storage for any length of time will recognize these benchmarks and commitments as they are and focus to our commitments: drawn directly from the way we have always operated and the values we live by, each and every Our Technology day. This report is meant to bring visibility to our accomplishments and results, as well as our additional commitments to everyone and not solely to our customers, partners and employees. Up to 80% reduction in direct carbon usage versus competitive all-flash systems With our materiality assessment of our Technology, our Operations and our People, one Continuing to enhance Pure’s built-for-flash software, our ® conclusion clearly stood out: Pure is making a significant and immediate impact in reducing proprietary DirectFlash technology and our Evergreen™ and Pure-as-a-Service™ subscriptions will deliver more data center carbon emissions worldwide through our environmental sustainability efforts. reliable products with longer service lifetimes and lower power Pure’s products today positively impact our customers’ environmental footprint by requiring requirements, improving both financial and environmental substantially less power, space, and cooling and by producing less waste than existing sustainability for our customers. In addition, Pure is committing to a 3x reduction in direct carbon usage per petabyte by FY30. solutions and competitive systems. Our Operations Pure’s vision is to empower innovators to build a better world with data. Our long-standing Commitment to 50% intensity reduction in strategy for achieving that vision is through delivering a simple, evergreen data platform that market-based Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions per enables everyone to turn data into intelligence and advantage. We are excited to help our employee from FY20 to FY30,and achieve net zero customers use the information presented here to decrease their carbon footprint at the same market-based Scope 1 and 2 emissions by FY40. time that they advance their organization’s digital transformation. I am very proud of the impact Our People that Pure has in the global effort to fight climate change, reduce pollution, create a more 95 out of 100 score in Pure’s first Human equitable world and help organizations of all sizes realize their potential through the better Rights Campaign’s 2022 Best Places use of data. to Work Corporate Equality Index. Pure Storage is a diverse and inclusive work environment. While I am proud of where we are as a company, we are committed to continuously improving Our leadership will measure progress and share best practices to make an even larger impact. We believe that we will sustain our competitive advantage using an Inclusive Leadership Index to be launched this year. through steady, focused progress on each of our key ESG initiatives, creating value with minimal harm, and leaving a legacy that’s as truly “green” as Pure’s signature orange. I look forward to continuing to work with all our stakeholders to improve in all that we do. Thank you, Charles Giancarlo, Chairman & CEO

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About Pure Storage Pure Storage is a global leader in data storage Pure’s Five Core Values and management with a mission to redefine the storage experience by simplifying how people consume and interact Customer First with data, all while focusing on doing the right things to positively impact customers, partners and employees. Through Pure’s product portfolio and services, we enable customers to Persistence modernize their infrastructure, operations, and applications as they make digital transformation a reality for their organizations. Pure and its workforce of over 4,000 employees across Creativity 39 countries strive every day to embody the company’s five core values: Customer First, Persistence, Creativity, Teamwork, and Ownership. Teamwork To learn more about Pure’s operations and business Ownership structure, please see our FY21 Annual Report.

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Pure Storage at a Glance FY22 ANNUAL REVENUE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION $2.18B 10,000+ 85.2 29% Y/Y Global NPS is Top 1% Growth Customers1 of B2B Companies FORTUNE 500 Q4 FY22 SUBSCRIPTION 2 LEADERSHIP CUSTOMERS ARR EXITING FY22 Year >52% $849M 8Leader Gartner Magic Of Fortune 31% Y/Y Quadrant 500 Companies1 Growth 1: As of the end of Q4 FY22 2: Subscription ARR is a key business metric that refers to total annualized contract value of all active subscription agreements, including Evergreen, on the last day of the quarter, plus on-demand revenue for the quarter multiplied by four.

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Table of Our Technology ............................................................................................................................................................6 Sustainable Products and Services ..........................................................................................................7 Contents Data Protection and Security ..........................................................................................................................13 Resilient Supply Chain ............................................................................................................................................15 Pure is committed to advancing its Our Operations .............................................................................................................................................................17 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and impact across three key pillars: Confidence in Our Operations .......................................................................................................................18 Our Technology, Our Operations, and Our People. Speaking Up at Pure ................................................................................................................................................ 22 Environmental Impact ............................................................................................................................................. 23 Our People............................................................................................................................................................................. 27 Empowering Our Diverse Workforce ....................................................................................................28 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ..................................................................................................................30 2021 Workforce Representation ..............................................................................................................33 Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention ..........................................................................34 Our Indices ........................................................................................................................................................................... 39 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index ...............................................................................................40 Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index .........................................47 About This Report ................................................................................................................................................. 49

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Sustainable 80% Products and Services Carbon Usage Drive Out Direct Building sustainable technology infrastructure is necessary to mitigate global warming Pure Storage enables Carbon Usage and the worst impacts of climate change. We are leading the way by designing and businesses and building products and delivering services that allow our customers to dramatically organizations to drive decrease their own environmental footprints. out direct carbon usage in their data The explosive growth of data and corporate digital transformation has kept IT professionals storage systems by focused more on keeping up with increasing data storage capacity and controlling costs up to 80% compared than on reducing their environmental load. The decades-old data storage product industry to competitive responded with storage systems still built on old magnetic disk technologies to deliver this All-Flash systems and even more against capacity at the sacrifice of inefficient power usage and significant e-waste, among other magnetic disk. factors. In contrast, Pure was unburdened by the compromises inherent in legacy platforms, and we were committed to building high efficiencies in all areas of our design from the start.

Delivering Benefits To Customers The environmental benefits that Pure delivers through its products and services result from a combination of technology, design philosophy and a ruthless focus on driving the best outcomes for customers. Our core technologies integrate software and hardware architecture to deliver not just unmatched density, longevity and efficiency, but to continually improve and drive further efficiencies over time. We believe that only through tightly integrated software and hardware can these benefits be created. Pure is the most sustainable choice in storage and data management because of key technologies that we have developed and design decisions we have implemented: ® technology delivers unparalleled density and efficiency from • Pure’s DirectFlash flash, driving significant energy reductions above what is possible with SSDs • Pure’s built-for-flash software combined with DirectFlash technology deliver more reliable products, longer service lifetimes and 3x the industry average SSD reliability, dramatically reducing e-waste. • Pure’s always-on data-reduction further enhances storage efficiency, reducing effective energy usage without compromising performance. Because there are none of the performance trade-offs typically associated with competitive storage data reduction capabilities, Pure customers can realize the full efficiency and lower emissions benefits from their storage. • Pure’s ethos of delivering performance and simplicity allows customers to consolidate their IT environments, reduce their overall footprint, and drive higher utilization and reuse. • Pure’s unique Evergreen™ architecture means that our products do not become obsolete or require wholesale replacement like traditional systems. The architecture allows our arrays to be upgraded non-disruptively, allowing our customers to continuously benefit from the latest hardware and software technology, reducing unnecessary product replacements and associated e-waste.

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      Product Life Cycle Analysis 1 In 2021, we embarked on our first life cycle assessment (LCA) of our portfolio, internally using the same methodology across the FlashArray line to include specifically the FlashArray™ products. As part of this LCA, Pure engaged an FlashArray//C and FlashArray//XL. In 2022, we plan to expand our analysis to outside environmental consulting firm to assess how the FlashArray//X70 product FlashBlade and then the rest of our portfolio. compares to competitive all-flash arrays, and then expanded the assessment FlashArray//X70: Reduces GHG emissions and energy consumption FlashArray//C60: Reduces GHG emissions and energy consumption by over 84% when compared to a competitive all-flash array. by 75% when compared to a competitive hybrid array. FlashArray//XL170: Reduces GHG emissions and energy consumption by over 80% when compared to a competitive all-flash array. 1 Further analysis will account for GHG emissions from production, transportation and product end of life and the LCA is undergoing third-party critical review. 2 Operating at nominal power

      Equivalent CO Savings Per Array1 2 CO2 Saving: Pure vs. the Competition MILES DRIVEN GALLONS OF GASOLINE Competing All-Flash Array generates 62,290 Kg CO2 per year. 132,634 5,938 Pure FlashArray//X70 generates By An Average 22,466 9,515 Kg CO2 per year. Passenger Vehicle Liters The difference is 52,775 Kg CO2 per year saved. TREE PURE SEEDLINGS FLASHARRAY//X As part of our goal to reduce Scope 3 emissions, 873 84.7% Pure is committing to further reducing our sold Grown for Savings in CO 2 products emissions by 66% per petabyte. 10 Years2 Per Year The majority of our customers have more than one array, creating a multiplier effect in their CO2 savings 1 Based on EPA calculator 2 To offset these emissions

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      Evergreen™ Storage Advantage Building on our significant emissions savings, Pure’s Evergreen Storage Architecture extends sustainability further by allowing us to continually improve technology and seamlessly deliver new software and hardware components when customers need to upgrade or expand their storage needs—and we Evergreen Storage deliver this through our Evergreen Subscription service. Subscription to Innovation Simply put, Evergreen leverages Pure’s modular, upgradeable architecture and brings many of the benefits of the cloud A More Complete Approach to As-a-Service Models operating model to an on-premises storage purchase. 97% Business Optimization Evergreen delivers two key environmental benefits to our customers: of Pure arrays • Continuous Innovation purchased • Non-disruptive upgrades (NDU) 1. Reduction of wasted energy: Through Evergreen non-disruptive six years ago are • Flat and Fair Evergreen Pricing 1 upgrades, customers can upgrade in-place vs. the months-to-years-long still in service process typically required to perform a migration, during which time both • Reduced Carbon Footprint the old and new arrays are running and consuming energy. • Array and Workload Optimization 2. Reduction of e-waste: Continual upgrade of array components also • Predictive and Proactive Support eliminates the industry’s traditional method of upgrading storage by 1 Based on the Company’s internal data. replacing (and junking) existing whole systems. The longer lifespan of Pure’s DirectFlash Modules- which are proprietary to Pure- coupled with our Evergreen Subscription of continuous upgrades, significantly reduces e-waste.

      Pure as-a-Service™ Pure as-a-Service™ extends on the Evergreen architecture and subscription to deliver storage to customers as capacity and performance service- level agreements (SLAs) in a much more flexible, optimized and efficient manner. In addition to the benefits of Pure’s Evergreen subscription model, Pure as-a-Service enables organizations to: 1. Reduce the energy and waste of underutilized equipment: By flexing up and down only as capacity is needed and right-sizing the equipment necessary to meet each particular SLA, Pure as-a-Service can reduce underutilization. Pure as-a-Service allows us to serve customers with only the resources they need, and to expand as their consumption grows. 2. Reuse, modernize and redeploy equipment, further extending service lifetimes: In some cases, Pure +50% modernizes and repurposes previously used 28,000 Greater controller resource equipment, extending the effective service lifetime LBS consumption rate for of a physical piece of equipment, generating significant By consolidating storage Pure-as-a-Service arrays waste reduction. (onto fewer larger media) into compared to traditional existing racks and/or swapping new purchasing models within controllers into the same physical the first year of service. chassis, an estimated 28,000 lbs of e-waste on average per year is saved

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      Pure’s built-in modern data protection capabilities and solution portfolio addresses the most important Data Protection aspects of backup and recovery, and eliminates the and Security complexity of keeping data safe: • Active-active clustering for maximum Our ability to securely handle and manage data is essential to maintaining performance and always-on data accessibility trusted relationships with our customers and key stakeholders. We develop • Always on data encryption products that safeguard data against loss, corruption or security threats. • Technology to enable reliable high-speed data transfer for fast protected-data recovery Pure has designed our products and services to be highly reliable, from failures or ransomware attacks proactively secure the data stored on them, and allow customers • Immutable snapshots to secure to recover quickly from attacks. data from ransomware • Predictive analytics to prevent data storage issues before they occur

      Cultivating Trust Responsibility for data security and privacy lies with our Data Security & Privacy Highlights Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO), Chief Information • Pure trains 100% of employees every six months Security Officer (CISO), and our Vice President of Networking on data security and privacy protocols. & Security Engineering, who meet regularly with our CEO to • We just completed our first SOC 2 audit and certification discuss our data security program and emerging trends. In and in 2022, we plan to obtain ISO 27001 certification, addition to executive oversight, Pure runs regular penetration the international standard for information security management, tests and executes regular incident management tabletop to further bolster our data privacy and security program. exercises on its products and systems, while product teams • In 2021, we partnered with Secure Code Warrior—a security focus on vulnerability management and security initiatives. software training company—to create a gamified training program to provide engineers with additional training on writing high-quality, secure code for our products and services.

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      Resilient Supply Chain Pure has long been on the cutting edge of supply chain operations with a “In supply chains, ESG isn’t just a robust supply chain strategy that benefits from multi-site, multi-continent buzzword. For Pure, it’s a crucial part operations and manufacturing. The strength of the company’s supply chain of driving efficiency while prioritizing is differentiated by its unique flexibility, resilience and responsiveness. the environment. From very early on, We work with suppliers globally to build a supply chain that can respond we’ve designed our supply chain to be to physical challenges while ensuring ethical treatment of workers and responsive, diverse and portfolio-based, environmentally sound practices. with a footprint across the globe. This has facilitated our rapid growth and enabled Additionally, in 2021, Pure’s supply chain implemented a series of product us to handle surges in demand.” packaging redesigns promoting recycle and reuse in order to reduce waste that will not only benefit our customers but also the environment. MIKE FITZGERALD, VP, OPERATIONS, PURE STORAGE

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      Supply Chain Commitments As part of building an ethical supply chain, we plan to release a Purchasing Code of Conduct for all non-manufacturing suppliers in 2022. The Purchasing Code of Conduct will be similar to our Supplier Code of Conduct for manufacturing suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct, which is included in our Master Service Agreements, follows the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. Responsible Business Alliance We are committed to providing products that are free of conflict minerals to our customers. Covers the Following: We exercise due diligence within our supply chain to do our best in ensuring that all gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten metals used in our products are not derived or sourced from mines in conflict • Labor Standards areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. There are no indications that • Health and Safety Standards any products supplied by Pure contain conflict minerals, and we will continue to monitor our supply • Environment Standards chain to honor our commitment and applicable laws. More detailed information can be found in our Policy on Conflict Minerals and our Statement Against Slavery and Human Trafficking. • Ethics Standards All of Pure’s contract manufacturers abide by the RBA Code of Conduct. We also track ISO certifications of our partners—all our key partners and suppliers have one or more ISO certifications. As Pure expands its ESG work, we look forward to gathering more pertinent information on our supply chain and supply chain partners in 2022 and beyond.

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      Confidence in Our Operations Ethical Business Practices Pure’s Chief Legal Officer oversees ethics and reports directly to the CEO. The Chief Legal Officer also provides Pure prides itself on our commitment to ethics throughout all of our business quarterly presentations to the Board of activities. From our Board of Directors to our supply chain partners, we promote Directors and the Audit Committee on stringent measures to ensure ethical behavior and decision-making to ensure we Pure’s ethics, integrity and operate with honesty, integrity, and respect for others. compliance program. Ethical business practices are central to Pure’s mission and business success, and are critical to developing and maintaining relationships with our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve. Our Code of Conduct and other policies are the foundation of an equitable and inclusive workplace.

      Corporate Governance Pure’s Board Committees Pure’s Board of Directors understands the importance of sound Audit and Risk Committee governance. All of Pure’s standards and policies contribute to an ethical Oversees Pure’s corporate accounting and financial reporting and inclusive business and workplace. Our Board of Directors is currently processes, monitors for enterprise risks, and provides composed of 10 directors, including Chairman and CEO, Charles Giancarlo. oversight of Pure’s environmental sustainability efforts. The Board oversees the management of the company’s business and serves as a prudent fiduciary for the shareholders. The Board contains three Compensation and Talent Committee committees that meet at least quarterly to receive and discuss updates on topics within each committee’s purview. Reviews and determines compensation to be paid to Pure’s executive officers and directors, and provides oversight Our Corporate Governance Guidelines guide our Board’s activities and provide of Pure’s Human Capital Management, DEI, and talent the structure within which our directors and management can effectively acquisition, development, and retention efforts. pursue Pure’s business objectives. The Board also receives annual updates on ESG initiatives and information on the impact of the Pure Good Foundation. Nominating and For more information about our governance policies and practices, Corporate Governance Committee please visit our Corporate Governance webpage. Recommends corporate governance practices, periodically reviews and assesses our Corporate Governance Guidelines, and identifies and recommends candidates to serve as directors at Pure.

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      Code of Conduct and Related Policies To foster a culture of ethical decision-making, we expect all of our employees and business partners to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which sets forth Pure’s key values of integrity, honesty, and respect for others. Available in 10 languages, the Code of Conduct applies to all Pure employees, officers, and Board members, and we expect contractors, partners, service providers, customers, suppliers, and vendors to abide by the same values and principles when working on behalf of Pure. The Code of Conduct covers a variety of important topics, including: • Conflicts of interest • Antitrust and competition • Workplace conduct • Insider trading • Accurate records and financial reporting • Protecting Pure’s confidential materials and intellectual property

      Driving Ethical Conduct and Practices As part of new employee onboarding, and in January of each calendar year, all Pure employees acknowledge receipt of and agree to abide by the following: • Code of Conduct • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy • Zero Tolerance for Workplace Harassment Policy • Insider Trading Policy • Information Security Policy • Import/Export Statement In addition to Pure’s Code of Conduct and policies mentioned above, Pure also has a Statement Against Slavery and Human Trafficking and a Policy on Conflict Minerals. As part of Pure’s focus on ethical behavior and business practices, all employees complete annual mandatory training on the Code of Conduct, anti-discrimination and harassment, and privacy. Pure also requires annual supplemental business integrity and anti-bribery and anti-corruption training for the Sales and Finance teams. In 2020 and 2021, Pure did not have any confirmed incidents of bribery or corruption. Pure’s partners are expected to follow a similar Code of Conduct, which provides business expectations and guidance to our channel and reseller partners, including a mandate that they follow the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. The Partner Code of Conduct is available in several languages. Pure also expects its manufacturing suppliers to follow the Responsible Business Alliance framework as a way to improve social, environmental, and ethical standards through global supply chains. For more detail, see the Sustainable Supply Chain section of this report. In 2022, we will issue a Purchasing Code of Conduct for all of our non-manufacturing suppliers.

      Speaking Up at Pure Pure is a Safe Space In 2020, Pure began conducting a survey measuring how the employees felt about Pure employees are empowered to speak up and voice any concerns, including ethics and compliance at Pure. suspected violations of the Code of Conduct. Pure takes all concerns, grievances, and whistleblower reports seriously. We maintain an anonymous Speak Up hotline with The 2021 Survey Showed: both a dedicated phone number and webform by which anyone—including third parties— 95% of more than 2,300 employees can submit concerns. Every concern raised through our platform is thoroughly reviewed, who responded to our survey agreed or strongly and investigated by Pure’s Legal, Human Resources, and/or Internal Audit teams. agreed that Pure “acts on a clear set of core ethical values.” Pure’s Speak Up platform and all related complaints are managed by our Chief Legal 96% of employees agreed or strongly agreed that Officer and Legal Team. executive management sets clear expectations about In 2021, Pure hosted its first ever, week-long Pure Compliance Club, which showcased the need to comply with the Code of Conduct. innovative training sessions on ethical decision making and current legal topics and 93% of employees agreed or strongly agreed expert speakers shared stories of excellence and missteps in corporate compliance. that “Pure demonstrates our core values through Pure Compliance Club will be an annual event, part of a broader effort to build and our transactions with third parties, including partners maintain a culture of sound and ethical decision making. and customers.”

      Environmental Impact Sustainability Initiatives Pure reduces our impact on the environment through several initiatives, Pure strives to exceed mandated including: product recycling; reduction of carbon footprint through responsible requirements by providing transportation; and choosing responsible suppliers. Pure strives to reduce the additional value to our stakeholders. energy and water used to operate our products. This is where our design to lower We believe that compliance alone energy use by our products is important. cannot solve our planet’s most pressing problems. Pure is also committed to building a better planet through environmental sustainability and efficiency. Pure complies with all European Union waste regulations from the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, including the Waste Batteries Directive and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

      Energy, Emissions, Energy and Emissions Data for FY20 and Climate Resilience Scope 1 Emissions 273 metric tons (t) CO2e Scope 2 Emissions, Location-based 16,102 t CO2e As part of our environmental strategy, Scope 2 Emissions, Market-based 16,236 t CO2e we are working to quantify and minimize Scope 3 Emissions 236,170 t CO2e our impact on the environment from our Purchased Goods and Services 31,354 t CO2e operations and supply chain. As part of our strategy, we also focus on building resilience Capital Goods 3,468 t CO2e to the physical risks of climate change. Fuel- & Energy-Related Activities 1,973 t CO2e Upstream Transportation & Distribution 5,479 t CO2e To support our strategy, our Global Head of Social Impact & Sustainability monitors our GHG Business Travel 14,908 t CO2e emissions, climate strategy and environmental Employee Commuting 10,047 t CO2e initiatives. The Head of Social Impact & Use of Sold Products 168,844 t CO2e Sustainability reports directly to the Chief Legal End of Life Treatment of Sold Products 97 t CO2e Officer, annually to the full Board of Directors, and quarterly to Board Committees on ESG Scope 1 and 2 Market-based Emissions Intensity 4.9 t CO2e per employee topics, including Pure’s environmental impacts. Scope 3 Use of Sold Products Emissions Intensity 65 t CO2e per effective petabyte shipped Energy consumption 65,018 MWh Total grid electricity consumption 63,689 MWh Total fuel consumption from non-renewable resources 1,329 MWh * All data collected and verified by WSP

      Climate Resilience To continue providing seamless service to our customers, Pure must ensure our operations, employees, supply chain, and communities are resilient to the impacts of climate change. Pure takes a proactive approach toward climate-related risk mitigation. The management of climate-related risks is embedded into our enterprise risk management and business continuity planning processes. As part of our current climate resilience strategy, Pure evaluates physical risks to our business from hazards like hurricanes, floods and extreme weather, and creates plans to keep operations running during these events. All Pure contract manufacturers are required to have business continuity plans (BCPs) that Pure reviews on a quarterly basis. Our contract manufacturers’ BCPs include management of climate-related physical risks. Pure’s operations team developed a multi-site, multi-continent strategy to enhance resilience at our manufacturing sites. If unforeseen circumstances impact one of our facilities, we can quickly shift production to another part of our manufacturing supply chain. Our flexible, nimble, and responsive supply chain enables us to deliver to our customers when shortages stemming from natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic occur. For more detail, see the Sustainable Supply Chain section of this report. In 2022, we will develop an enterprise-wide resiliency plan that will specifically consider climate-related impacts to our business and identify proactive opportunities to enhance our climate resilience throughout our operations and supply chain. In the future, we plan to align our climate reporting with the recommendations of the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We will report on the progress of our climate program and strategy in our 2022 CDP Climate Change response.

      Sustainable Supply Chain To Pure, a sustainable supply chain means our ability to uphold environmental and labor standards throughout a diverse supply chain while meeting demand for our product. We believe that by building a resilient and ethical supply chain, we can build a stronger product, more resilient supply chain partners, and better serve our communities. Pure employs robust management and oversight of our supply chain. Our Vice President of Operations is responsible for our supply chain management and reports directly to the CEO. Our operations team reports quarterly to the Board of Directors on sustainable supply chain management. Within both the operations and finance teams, dedicated team members oversee and execute our enterprise risk management and business resiliency processes.

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      Empowering Our Diverse Workforce The Pure Workforce At Pure, we’re committed to our core values— customer-first, persistence, creativity, teamwork, and ownership. Our talented and diverse team lives these core values each day, creating a culture that is 39 agile, nimble, inclusive and collaborative in an environment where everyone can thrive. As a modern tech innovator, we’re dedicated to helping our customers build and manage the Countries infrastructure they need for their business. To accomplish this, we work together in teams to discover innovative and creative solutions focused on solving our customers’ needs. At the center of our talent strategy lies a clear vision for culture, growth, inclusion and impact. Pure values unique ideas, celebrates individuality, offers equitable career growth opportunities and empowers every employee to make a difference. The Pure workforce is 4,000+ distributed across 39 countries, with over 4,000 employees. Regardless of where our employees live, Pure aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and an inclusive workplace Employees that empowers everyone to achieve breakthrough outcomes, expand their skills, enable their career goals and pursue professional growth.

      Becoming a Talent Magnet We are on a mission to become a talent magnet that allows employees to advance their careers and fulfill their work aspirations. This mission also sets us apart to attract talent that is pivotal to our ambitious vision for the company. The bold company goal of becoming a talent magnet entails a myriad of initiatives, two of which are highlighted in this report: • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) The innovative power that comes from DEI is critical to the success of Pure. This entails building a workplace that is representative of our employees, suppliers, customers and partners. We also ensure equitable practices that allow our employees to advance and be rewarded by the business impact they create. Our teams foster relationships that are unconditionally inclusive and bring the best of our individual identities. • Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention To drive a sustainable and global competitive advantage we must attract, develop and retain top talent. We are focused on creating an integrated talent management ecosystem from onboarding to advancing our workforce, which encompasses a culture of continuous feedback, individual career and development planning and stretch job assignments.

      Diversity, Equity and Inclusion As we grow, we continue to make strides in attracting, developing and retaining diverse top talent at all levels and locations we operate in. In November 2020, Pure hired its first Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and we are expanding investments and headcount in this important pillar of our human capital strategy. In the summer of 2021, our CEO pledged to advance DEI in the workplace by joining the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ coalition. In addition, Pure participated in the Human Rights Campaign’s 2022 Best Places to Work Corporate Equality Index for the first time, receiving a score of 95 out of 100. This index recognizes employers that are leading the way in driving workforce inclusion for LGBTQIA+ employees. As part of Pure’s DEI strategy, in 2021, we made public our commitments to increase representation in our workplace and ensure equity in our policies, practices and processes while continuing to build an inclusive culture. We acknowledge that this is a long term journey for the industry and our company, and although we are pleased with our progress, we remain committed to expanding our investments in this pillar of our human capital strategy.

      DEI at Pure is a Focus During the Entirety of an Employee’s Lifecycle • Pure’s Talent Acquisition team leads the charge by ensuring all opportunities • The Pure Learning team supports our employees and leaders by providing are promoted with emphasis on required capabilities and transferable opportunities to deepen and broaden their knowledge and awareness experiences. The team understands the importance of a deeply diverse to increase representation, enrich our culture of belonging, and foster a candidate slate and engages in regular training with hiring managers to hone “think global, plan local” inclusive mindset. Since 2020, we have offered the skills needed to manage an objective candidate assessment process. Belonging at Pure workshops across the globe, focused on developing our Through these efforts, we increased our hiring rate of women from 22.9% employees to be more inclusive and consider DEI in their daily decision in FY20 to 23.9% in FY21, and similarly increased our hiring rate of under- making. Additionally, we ensure diversity of participants who are selected represented racial/ethnic groups (URGs) from 10.8% in FY20 to 11.7% in FY21. for Leading at Pure – our top talent leadership program for directors and • Pure’s Total Rewards Teams ensures equitable pay practices globally above. Through this program, our leaders learn the principles of inclusive leadership, in addition to strategic execution and transformational leadership and across all levels. It also provides individualized benefit offerings that skills, such as creating diversity of thought, cross-functional collaboration, reflect the unique needs of our people. Since 2018, we have collaborated and cognizance of bias to develop high-performing teams across Pure. with an external pay equity partner to conduct regular pay equity analyses. Because there is no “typical Pure employee,” Pure provides • The Pure Talent Management team drives equitable performance benefit offerings that celebrate and acknowledge our plurality. Some management, succession and career planning approaches that examples of benefits include financial, mental and physical wellbeing ensure an unbiased link between merit and recognition. This team programs; family planning benefits; and competitive parental leave. also oversees managers collaborating to discuss promotions and identify successors to key positions within Pure. At Pure, we appreciate applicants with diverse life journeys. In order to maximize our access to all talent and create a level playing field, we include a proactive statement acknowledging these differences and strongly encourage all interested parties to apply. Many of our roles include a skills or behavioral assessment that can strengthen one’s application, which has been met with very positive internal and external feedback.

      In 2022, Pure will launch an Inclusive Leadership Index to recognize role model We are proud to further support our DEI efforts through Pure Equality and our behaviors among our leaders in DEI. The index will be shared by all vice presidents Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Pure Equality’s mission is to ensure that our and above at Pure. Every year, the leaders who attain role model results, according company is diverse and inclusive, providing equal opportunities to all to thrive, to the Inclusive Leadership Index, will be recognized internally and will have the contribute and innovate. To date, over 1,200 Pure employees belong to one of opportunity to share their best practices with all other leaders in the company. Pure’s six ERGs: All vice presidents and above will receive a yearly Inclusive • Able raises the visibility and inclusion of Pure’s differently-abled employees Leadership index score based on: and helps create a culture where they are safe, secure and supported. • Coalition advances Pure’s efforts to attract, retain and 1 Diversity of Direct Reports promote underrepresented groups (URG) populations. • Pride provides support and community for all LGBTQIA+ 2 Employee Value Survey Scores Among Puritans and bridges visibility between Pride and Puritans Diverse Members of Their Team to support an open, safe and inclusive workplace. • Rise gives a platform, voice and resources for individuals early in their career 3 Acquisition and Retention of Diverse Talent or early in tech who are looking to develop themselves and their careers. • Veterans creates an inclusive community and leverages the value of veterans through hiring and continuing to serve through charitable outreach. 4 Visible Sponsorship of ERG Initiatives • Women@Pure raises awareness of the challenges women face in the workplace and provides an open forum where women and their allies 5 Promotion Rates of Diverse Talent can aspire, develop and collaborate to reach their full potential. Our ERGs create ongoing opportunities for the Pure community to connect, belong and inspire each other through weekly lunches, 6 Leaders’ Participation in DEI Learning Programs podcasts and webcasts, panel discussions, book clubs and volunteer opportunities organized by our Pure Good Foundation.

      2021 Workforce Representation1 Currently, Pure’s board diversity has 30% female representation. Our vice president and above leadership is composed of 13% self-identified female staff and 5% from under-represented groups. Pure will continue to work on improving representation in these groups. 1 We define senior leadership as director level or above, in line with industry definitions. When we report on senior leadership trends in this report, we’re comparing director level and above, year-over-year. Manager is defined as employees who have at least one full-time direct report. URGs in the U.S. technology industry are defined as Black, Hispanic or Latinx, Native American, and multiracial people. Race/ethnicity data refers to the EEO-1 race/ethnicity categories established by the U.S. government. 2 Ethnic Diversity, Age Group, and Gender Diversity All percentages rounded to the nearest tenth

      Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention The key to attracting and retaining talent lies with cultivating a workplace that employees are proud and excited to be a part of. Talent is a key competitive advantage to our business, and we are continuously advancing our approaches to people management and redefining the way the hybrid workplace feels and functions. Pure aims to attract talented professionals who are seeking new challenges and a healthy, thriving culture in which to do their best work. By applying our rigorous and structured interview process, we demonstrate objectivity and create excitement for the challenges ahead. Once with Pure, we actively invest in growing our employees’ skills and leadership while also retaining our top performers. Our always-on performance and development program connects performance and rewards together to help facilitate an ongoing conversation between managers and employees on progress, goals and expectations. At the same time, the program gives employees a platform to voice their career aspirations and individual development priorities. We continually measure employee engagement through our biannual Employee Voice Survey programs. In our most recent survey in November 2021, our engagement scores ranked in the top quartile of companies in the high-tech industry, signaling a strong culture of pride, satisfaction and belonging that drives our employees to stay and recommend Pure as a best place to work. While our end goal is not to win awards, we are grateful to be recognized by our employees, reflected in being named to Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology™ 2020, Fortune’s Best Large Workplaces in the Bay Area™ 2020 and Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Parents. Although we are pleased with our progress, we remain committed to expanding our investments in this important pillar of the human capital strategy.

      Our 800+ people managers are the guardians of our talent pools and invest a At Pure, nearly 100% of our employees conduct periodic self-evaluations substantial amount of time together ensuring their teams are being set up for of the individual goals they are pursuing, their main strengths, their career differentiated growth opportunities. We are transparent with our employees in aspirations, and an area of focus for their development. Once a year, Pure terms of how their impact is perceived, and we strongly reward top performance. managers at all levels come together to compare the impact that each individual employee contributes to our business. Appropriate rewards, goals, objectives Our Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) leads our human capital and development plans are created for each employee. Our leaders also put initiatives, which includes the design and execution of all people and forward their top three goals and priorities for the coming period. We ensure that organizational strategy components. The CHRO delivers quarterly human our teams have clarity on how their priorities contribute to Pure’s overall vision capital reports to the Board of Directors and Compensation and Talent and strategy. Leaders also identify the interdependencies with other business Committee. In 2022 and beyond, given our ambitious geographic expansion units and functions in order to strengthen cross-functional collaboration. plans, we will continue investing and focusing on recruiting and hiring and will fully leverage our integrated talent management ecosystem. In 2022, Pure will continue to focus on career and individual development planning and embed regular career and development discussions through Our talent management approach leverages three main pillars: quarterly performance and development check-ins. Finally, through our development strategy, Pure will systemize internal job rotations, offer early career programs for tech employees, and launch the Pure Storage 1 Holistic Performance Management Leadership Academy to upskill our leaders and employees for the demands of hybrid work and digital transformation of our solutions. In 2022, Pure will invest more in people development than in any previous year. Succession and Career Planning To attract top talent, we provide competitive compensation and innovative 2 and Internal Mobility benefit offerings. We benchmark our programs with the market to ensure we are providing competitive salaries, variable pay and equity awards. We offer a comprehensive and tailored set of health and welfare benefits to employees and their families, including health and wellness programs. Equally important, we ensure our talent acquisition team and hiring managers are authentic, transparent, 3 Upskilling the Workforce for the Future and empathetic with applicants. We value our extremely high Net Promoter Score and similarly strive to offer our candidates an exceptional experience.

      Empowering our nonprofit partners to build a better world. Pure impacts our local and global community through • Environment: As part of Pure’s overall to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees added a new the Pure Good Foundation, a grassroots initiative commitment to environmental excellence, component to the Global Week of Service by sharing launched in 2015, shortly before the company went Pure Good helps invest in non-profits their favorite non-profit organizations with each public. Pure Good’s mission is to empower our working in the environmental space. other via internal communication channels. Through employees and non-profit partners to build a better − In 2021, Pure Good launched an pictures and stories, our employees added even more world. As part of our “Go Do Good” mantra, Pure Good RFP to accelerate the solutions to personality to this event. We have been excited to focuses efforts on: climate change by funding $750,000 make pictures and story sharing a permanent part of to environmental non-profits. our Global Week of Service moving forward. • Pure Philanthropy: Pure employees can get involved through our Global Interest • Workforce Development: Pure Good Grant Program, our Community Volunteer works with Pure employees to help support Pure Good in Numbers (2021) Program, and our Board Member Program. workforce development organizations − For individual employees, the Community through mentoring, professional HOURS Volunteer program allows employees to development, and internship programs. 28,536 request up to $500 donation for the non- − In 2021, Pure Good developed a Workforce Volunteered which profit of their choosing after volunteering Development Grant Program with the goal to has a value of $814,417 at least 10 hours per quarter. employ 500 people from under-represented − Individual employees who sit on the groups or non-traditional backgrounds into $1.61M board of a qualified non-profit can living-wage-paying tech careers. This initiative receive $2,000 per year to the non-profit was a resounding success and helped employ Donated to charities across the globe through the Board Member Program. over 4,000 people with a $1 million investment. − For teams of employees, the Global The Pure Good Foundation also hosts a Global Week Interest Grant Program allows employees of Service every year. During this week, Pure’s Silicon 228 to volunteer together at a non-profit Valley headquarters offers volunteer opportunities E-cycled laptops donated to global then request up to $5,000 to amplify every day and all international offices have at least non-profit organizations which equals the support they gave in person. one volunteer opportunity for employees in which to 798 lbs of e-waste kept out of landfills participate. In 2020 when our offices were closed due

      Health, Safety and Well-being Pure considers the health, safety and well-being of our employees and contingent workers to be paramount. Pure’s goal is to ensure employees feel safe and enjoy good Health and Safety Data health and well-being at work and home, and our programs and processes reflect that. FY21 Pure believes it is our corporate social responsibility to manage environmental, health, FY 2020 FY 2021 and safety (EHS) holistically and ethically across our company. Our global EHS program is Number of workers covered by occupational managed by our Global Safety and Security Department, in partnership with our Legal and health and safety management system Facilities teams. Pure has an Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy that applies to Pure operations and impacts employees, contingent workers, customers, and partners, in all 2,776 2,899 locations where Pure does business. Pure also has an extensive health and safety manual that applies to all employees and contingent workers and sets clear commitments around EHS. The number and rate of recordable-work related injuries Pure integrates EHS objectives into our business planning, decision-making, performance tracking and governance processes to ensure that we comply with all applicable EHS 2 0 laws and do what we can to keep our employee and contingent workers safe. We are committed to regular training on EHS and encourage a culture of openness and dialogue The number and rate of recordable around our EHS performance and progress with internal and external stakeholders. work-related illnesses In light of the rapidly shifting changes in local health and safety regulations due to the 0 0 COVID-19 pandemic, we recently partnered with Enhesa—an EHS compliance company—to continuously track health and safety regulations in all locations where Pure employees work.

      Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Pure created Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic heightened focus on ensuring employees felt physically, mentally, and physiologically safe and In January 2020, Pure brought together leaders from across the business supported. Prior to the pandemic, we partnered to form a cross-functional rapid response team to address COVID-19. with Lyra—an innovative mental health benefits Work-from-home: To support the transition to working from home, Pure provided stipends to build provider—to offer comprehensive mental health care out home offices with ergonomic equipment. In recognition of the change in work dynamics and for our employees. In response to the pandemic, preferences of our employees, we anticipate a hybrid working environment moving forward. we promoted the availability of Lyra and Konterra Benefits: We customized our benefit offerings with programs focused on managing stress and mental resources to our employees more widely. Through health. Pure ensures access to virtual mental health and coaching sessions to all employees. U.S. these services, Pure offers employees a suite of mental employees also have 24/7 access to a virtual care team through a vendor which focuses on delivering healthcare, including career coaching and cognitive COVID-19 testing, counseling, and family support. We also refreshed our death and permanent behavioral therapy. Pure also extended access to Lyra disability insurance to provide world-class coverage during the pandemic. to employees’ families, broadening the reach of these Parents: Throughout the pandemic, we held parent panels across our global regions designed to offer critical mental health care services and demonstrating support and best practices to our community of parents. Our panels were richly diverse, featuring our belief that wellness for all is worth the investment. single parent families, dual-income working parents, and parents with children of all ages. We also offered free resources, giving parents with children of any age, access to webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions and more. Essential working safety: We launched the Return to Office Playbook that outlined new safety and health protocols to keep our essential workers safe in our offices. The playbook also outlined various protocols in the event of a COVID-19 exposure to ensure an accurate chain of communications and next steps are taken in that specific office/region, as well as compliance with any local reporting regulations. Future of work: As we move forward in a post-COVID world, we will shift appropriate positions to a hybrid model where offices will offer more collaborative spaces. Working from home on some days each week will become part of the regular work environment.

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      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index GRI Indicator Description Disclosure/Location GRI 102: General Disclosures 2016 Organizational Profile 102-1 Name of the organization Pure Storage Inc 102-2 Activities, brands, products and services 2021 10-K, pages 6-7 102-3 Location of headquarters Mountain View, California 102-4 Location of operations 2021 10-K, pages 31 102-5 Ownership and legal form Proxy Statement, pages 52-53 102-6 Markets served 2021 10-K, pages 6-7 102-7 Scale of the organization 2021 10-K, pages 10,35, exhibit 21.1 102-8 Information on employees and other workers 2021-10-K, pages 10-11 102-9 Supply chain Sustainable Supply Chain 102-10 Significant changes to the organization and supply chain None 102-11 Precautionary principle or approach Pure Storage does not formally follow the precautionary principle, however we assess risk throughout our operations. 102-12 External initiatives Responsible Business Alliance CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Technology and Services Industry Associations 102-13 Memberships of associations Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)

      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index (CONTINUED) Strategy 102-14 Statement from senior decision-maker CEO Letter Ethics and Integrity 102-16 Values, principles, standards and norms of Ethical Business Practices behavior Governance Structure 102-18 Governance structure Ethical Business Practices Stakeholder Engagement 102-40 List of stakeholder groups Customers, employees, investors, partners and communities 102-41 Collective bargaining agreements None of our employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. 102-42 Identifying and selecting stakeholders Materiality Assessment 102-43 Approach to stakeholder engagement Materiality Assessment 102-44 Key topics and concerns raised Materiality Assessment Reporting Practices 102-45 Entities included in the consolidated 2021 10-K, page 63 financial statements 102-46 Defining report content and topic Materiality Assessment Boundaries

      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index (CONTINUED) Reporting Practices (CONTINUED) 102-47 List of material topics Materiality Assessment 102-48 Restatements of information None 102-49 Changes in reporting None 102-50 Reporting period February 1, 2019 (FY20) to January 31, 2021 (FY21) 102-51 Date of most recent report March 2022 102-52 Reporting cycle Annual 102-53 Contact point for questions regarding the [email protected] report 102-54 Claims of reporting in accordance with the This report has been prepared referencing GRI standards. GRI Standards 102-55 GRI content index GRI Content Index 102-56 Policy/practice for external assurance The company is not seeking external assurance for this year’s report. GRI 200: Economic GRI 205: Anti-Corruption 2016 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Ethical Business Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Ethical Business components

      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index (CONTINUED) GRI 205: Anti-Corruption 2016 (CONTINUED) 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Ethical Business 205-2 Communication and training about anti- Ethical Business corruption policies and procedures 205-3 Confirmed incidents of corruption and Ethical Business actions taken GRI 300: Environmental GRI 301: Materials 2016 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Product Lifecycle Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Product Lifecycle components 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Product Lifecycle GRI 302: Energy 2016 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience components 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience

      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index (CONTINUED) GRI 302: Energy 2016 (CONTINUED) 302-1 Energy consumption within the organization Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience 302-1 Energy consumption within the organization Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience GRI 305: Emissions 2016 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience components 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience 305-1 Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience 305-2 Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience 305-3 Other indirect (Scope 3) GHG emissions Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience 305-6 Emissions of ozone-depleting substances Energy, Emissions, and Climate Resilience (ODS)

      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index (CONTINUED) GRI 400: Social GRI 401: Employment 2016 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Talent Acquisition, Retention and Development Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Talent Acquisition, Retention and Development components 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Talent Acquisition, Retention and Development GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety 2018 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Health, Safety, and Well-being Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Health, Safety, and Well-being components 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Health, Safety, and Well-being 403-1 Occupational health and safety management Health, Safety, and Well-being systems Worker participation, consultation, and 403-4 communication on occupational health and Health, Safety, and Well-being safety 403-5 Worker training on occupational health and Health, Safety, and Well-being safety

      INDICES Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index (CONTINUED) GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety 2018 (CONTINUED) 403-6 Promotion of worker health Health, Safety and Well-being 403-8 Workers covered by an occupational health Health, Safety and Well-being and safety management system 403-9 Work-related injuries Health, Safety and Well-being 403-10 Work-related ill health Health, Safety and Well-being GRI 405: Diversity and Equal Opportunity 2016 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Boundary 103-2 The management approach and its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion components 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 405-1 Diversity of governance bodies and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion employees

      INDICES Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index: Hardware and Software & IT Services Table 1. Sustainability Disclosure Topics & Accounting Metrics Topic Accounting Metric Code Disclosure/Location Product Security Description of approach to identifying and TC-HW- Data Security addressing data security risks in products 230a. 1 Employee Diversity Percentage of gender and racial/ethnic TC-HW- & Inclusion group representation for (1) management, (2) 330a. 1 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion technical staff, and (3) all other employees Percentage of products by revenue that TC-HW- Pure Storage is currently evaluating product life cycles of some of our portfolio. In contain IEC 62474 declarable substances 410a. 1 the future, we plan to further disclose information about our life cycle management. Percentage of eligible products, by revenue, TC-HW- Pure Storage is currently evaluating product life cycles of some of our portfolio. In Product Life Cycle meeting the requirements for EPEAT 410a. 2 the future, we plan to further disclose information about our life cycle management. Management Percentage of eligible products, by revenue, TC-HW- Pure Storage is currently evaluating product life cycles of some of our portfolio. In meeting ENERGY STAR® criteria 410a. 3 the future, we plan to further disclose information about our life cycle management. Weight of end-of-life products and e-waste TC-HW- Pure Storage is currently evaluating product life cycles of some of our portfolio. In recovered, percentage recycled 410a. 4 the future, we plan to further disclose information about our life cycle management. Percentage of Tier 1 supplier facilities audited in the RBA Validated Audit Process TC-HW- Pure Storage does not track number of suppliers validated in the RBA Validated (VAP) or equivalent, by (a) all facilities and 430a. 1 Audit Process. (b) high-risk facilities Supply Chain Management Tier 1 suppliers’ (1) non-conformance rate with the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP) TC-HW- Pure Storage does not track number of suppliers validated in the RBA Validated or equivalent, and (2) associated corrective 430a. 2 Audit Process. action rate for (a) priority non-conformances and (b) other non-conformances Materials Sourcing Description of the management of risks TC-HW- Sustainable Supply Chain associated with the use of critical materials 440a. 1

      INDICES Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index: Hardware and Software & IT Services Table 2. Activity Metrics Activity Metric Code Disclosure/Location Product Category Total Units FY20 Total Units FY21 Number of units Array 5363 6478 produced by product TC-HW-000.A category Shelf 2074 1628 FlashBlade 681 899 Area of Manufacturing TC-HW-000.B As Pure Storage uses third parties for all manufacturing, this metric is not applicable. facilities Percentage of production TC-HW-000.C 0% from owned facilities

      About This Report Pure is publishing this inaugural environmental, social Materiality Assessment and governance (ESG) report to inform stakeholders of As part of our Pure Purpose ESG strategy, in early 2021, we conducted our our sustainability progress and ambitions, and commits first materiality assessment to identify and prioritize our most important to reporting our progress annually moving forward. ESG topics and impacts. Although we have always been committed We see ESG reporting as an important tool through which to creating the best outcomes for our stakeholders, this assessment we evaluate our performance and identify future opportunities enables us to focus our efforts where we will be most impactful. for improvement. We created this ESG report through a series Conducted by a third-party ESG consultancy, the assessment gathered and of interviews and reviews with subject matter experts and synthesized feedback from our top leaders and various key stakeholder groups, leaders from across the various functions of our business. including investors, customers and partners. We used this stakeholder feedback We aligned this report with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to prioritize our most important areas of impact. In addition to prioritizing ESG Standards and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board topics, the assessment provided valuable insight on ESG risks and opportunities, (SASB) Hardware Industry Standards to adopt best practices which we used to refine our management practices and align on the future and meet stakeholder expectations. This inaugural report vision and roadmap of our ESG program. At the end of the assessment, we validated our top material ESG topics with our leadership team. These top covers ESG data, initiatives and activities from February 1, 2019 five material topics form the foundation of our ESG program and report. (FY20) to January 31, 2021 (FY21). Our ESG report is reviewed and approved by our Chairman and CEO, Charles Giancarlo. • Energy, Emissions and Climate Resilience For more information about our ESG programs or this report, • Data Security and Privacy please contact our ESG program at [email protected]. • Ethical Business Practices • Talent Acquisition, Retention & Development • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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